Visiting Scholar: Dr Jennifer Rennie

Dr Rennie will be located in WR15B/211 on ext 9773 and will only be here for two weeks. Please feel free to drop in and introduce yourself to her.

Dr Jennifer Rennie is a Senior Lecturer in literacy education and Director Student Experience in the Faculty of Education, Monash University. Prior to working in higher education she worked for several years as a primary and high school teacher. Her research interests relate to Indigenous literacies, students who are marginalised from mainstream schooling and reading pedagogy for struggling and disengaged adolescent readers. Her current research involves a project funded by the Collier Foundation which involves working with young mums who have returned to education and a project funded by the Office for Learning and Teaching which involves developing a set of protocols for engaging with remote Indigenous communities when planning and implementing placement opportunities for pre-service teachers. She has published widely in the area of Indigenous literacy and reading. She is a Principal Fellow with the Australian Literacy Educators Association and has been the managing Editor of the Australian Journal of Language and Literacy since 2009.