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  • Teaching vital to prevent another attack

    Dean of Education Professor Stephen Dobson writes about the importance of teaching children to give voice to individuals and a collective sense of respect for others.

  • education outside the classroom

    Making a difference through education outside the classroom

    How can educational experiences in public spaces such as museums, libraries and eco-sanctuaries support learners to address pressing social and environmental issues?Victoria University of Wellington’s Dr Andrea Milligan has been awarded a Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) funding to find out.

  • classrooms of the future

    Classrooms of the future

    Education and computing experts offer glimpses into an intriguing future when considering the impact of AI (artificial intelligence), VR (virtual reality), big data and other digital technologies on education over the next thirty years at an ‘Education for 2050’ workshop held at Victoria University of Wellington.

  • Saudi teachers

    Partnership to boost Saudi Arabian education leadership

    A joint initiative between Victoria University of Wellington's commercialisation office, Viclink and Victoria University of Wellington is helping teachers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to drive change in their education system.