8th International Art in Early Childhood conference

8th International Art in Early Childhood conference

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24-27 Jan 2019 from 9.00 am - 5.00 pm 24th Jan 2019 9:00am 27th Jan 2019 5:00pm

Victoria University of Wellington

art as dialogue drawing

Institute for Early Childhood Studies

Visual art is a vehicle for communication and can prompt important dialogue.  

The 8th International Art in Early Childhood conference aims to encourage dialogue among early childhood educators by opening up new opportunities for discussion about the role of visual art and aesthetics education in young children’s lives.

Participants and presenters are encouraged to consider:

  • How the visual arts can foster young children’s exploration of the people, places, things and experiences that are meaningful to them.
  • How the visual arts contribute to the development of young children’s working theories, stories, and understandings about the world.
  • How children’s cultural citizenship can be fostered through their experiences and (re)interpretations of significant rituals, festivals, and ceremonies in their own culture, as well as those of others, through visual art learning experiences.
  • How we can support young children’s access to a nation’s art taonga (treasures) that are exhibited in museums and galleries.

For further information please email lisa.terreni@vuw.ac.nz.