Academic visitors

Below is a list of all current and expected visitors. If you would like more information about a visitor, please talk to the Local Contact. If any details are incorrect, inform the School Office.

  • Josh Bailey - AM410
    16/02/2014 to Unknown
    Research Field:
    Home Institution:
    Local Contact: Andy Linton

  • Dean Pemberton - AM410
    04/04/2014 to 27/07/2018
    Research Field: SDN, Software Defined Networking
    Home Institution:
    Local Contact: A/Prof Ian Welch

  • Mansoor Shafi
    28/01/2015 to 31/01/2021
    Research Field: Wireless Communication Systems
    Home Institution:
    Local Contact: Dr Stuart Marshall

  • Andy Linton - AM410
    22/01/2016 to 22/01/2019
    Research Field: Network Building and Management, Internet Governance
    Home Institution:
    Local Contact: Suzan Hall

  • Su Nguyen
    05/10/2016 to 30/06/2019
    Research Field: scheduling, evolutionary computation, automated heuristic design
    Home Institution:
    Local Contact: Prof Mengjie Zhang

  • Kenta Niwa - AM412
    30/05/2017 to 31/05/2018
    Research Field: Microphone array processing.
    Home Institution: NTT
    Local Contact: Prof Bastiaan Kleijn

  • Victor Lin - CO351
    09/02/2018 to 09/02/2019
    Research Field: Medical Image sensing and processing
    Home Institution: XMUT
    Local Contact: A/Prof Peter Andreae

  • Ying Qu - AM407
    19/02/2018 to 29/06/2018
    Research Field:
    Home Institution:
    Local Contact: Dr Bryan Ng

  • Kyoungsu Oh - CO322
    26/02/2018 to 31/03/2019
    Research Field: Computer Graphics (Real-time rendering)
    Home Institution: Soongsil University at Seoul, South Korea
    Local Contact: A/Prof Taehyun Rhee

  • Can Wu - CO322
    26/02/2018 to 20/12/2018
    Research Field: Analysis of vibration
    Home Institution: Hangzhou Dianzi University
    Local Contact: A/Prof Paul Teal

  • Josh Dippenaar - AM407
    02/04/2018 to 01/06/2018
    Research Field: Energy-economic nexus analysis at the city level.
    Home Institution: Stellenbosch University
    Local Contact: Prof Alan Brent

  • Ralph Reithmeier - CO232
    02/04/2018 to 03/08/2018
    Research Field: Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering
    Home Institution: TU Munich, Germany
    Local Contact: Dr Craig Anslow

  • Chris Ward
    22/04/2018 to 02/06/2019
    Research Field: Cybersecurity
    Home Institution: CyberToa
    Local Contact: Prof Dale Carnegie

  • Anthony Grasso
    23/04/2018 to 22/04/2020
    Research Field: technical skills in networking, software engineering and cybersecurity.
    Home Institution: CyberToa
    Local Contact: Dr Stuart Marshall

  • Chris Lorier - AM407
    21/05/2018 to 20/05/2019
    Research Field: Software defined networking,
    Home Institution: REANNZ
    Local Contact: A/Prof Ian Welch

  • Jin Qiang Goh - CO322
    21/05/2018 to 17/08/2018
    Research Field: Internet of Things (IoT) Applications
    Home Institution: Singapore Management University
    Local Contact: Dr Alvin Valera

  • Stefan Marr - CO322
    15/06/2018 to 30/06/2018
    Research Field: Programming Languages and Optimisation
    Home Institution: University of Kent at Canterbury
    Local Contact: Prof James Noble

  • Martin Kropp - EA110
    22/06/2018 to 09/07/2018
    Research Field: Software Engineering
    Home Institution: University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
    Local Contact: Dr Craig Anslow

  • Anda Li - CO322
    01/07/2018 to 31/12/2018
    Research Field: Evolutionary Computation, Feature Selection, Multi-objective optimisation.
    Home Institution: Tianjin University of Commerce (TJCU), China
    Local Contact: Prof Mengjie Zhang

  • Franck Cassez - CO322
    01/10/2018 to 01/01/2019
    Research Field: Automated software verification, timing analysis of binary programs, control and verification of timed systems.
    Home Institution: Macquarie University
    Local Contact: Dr David Pearce

  • Ke Chen - CO348
    01/12/2018 to 30/11/2020
    Research Field: Evolutionary Deep Learning and Image Analysis.
    Home Institution: Shandong University
    Local Contact: Prof Mengjie Zhang