Fashion Design Technology

Learn to design and create clothing and accessories while exploring rich cultures and histories.

A woman in futuristic armour looks out across a harbour.

Discover how fashion is used to tell stories and how garments are being designed and constructed for the needs of the twenty-first century.

Fashion design is entering a new era. This shift is being driven by technological advances such as smart textiles, digital fabrication, embedded electronics and intelligent, networked wearables. From lifestyle applications to medical uses, clothing can improve people’s lives, both environmentally and socially.

Students taking our Fashion Design Technology major will closely study the human body, pattern making and the design and construction of garments. They will also learn about the history of fashion, explore ethical production practices and sustainability and the evolving cultural trends and cutting-edge applications in fashion design.

Our courses are unique to New Zealand, and our lecturers are experts in their field. Fashion Design Technology courses are predominantly studio based. While honing your craft with the latest software and digital equipment, you will work closely with lecturers and tutors through one-on-one mentorship and critique sessions. By the end of your degree, you will have the opportunity to fabricate your ideas and submit your high-quality pieces to festivals and competitions and take part in Victoria’s end-of-year fashion show.


Take this major as base for any career in fashion design—you might want to focus on generative textiles, wearable technology or interaction design for healthcare, which are all upcoming areas in the fashion industry with growing career opportunities. There is a range of possible careers:

  • concept artist—filming/gaming
  • costume designer
  • creative director—fashion
  • fashion designer
  • fashion editor
  • retail merchandiser
  • textile designer
  • wardrobe stylist
  • wearable technology expert.