Ross Stevens

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Programme Director - Industrial Design School of Design


Dip lD, Wellington Polytechnic, New Zealand
MDes, Victoria University, New Zealand

Research interests

  • future studies
  • mass manufacturing materials and processes
  • additive manufacturing technologies
  • high-end audio design
  • re-use based architecture.
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Ross Stevens has designed many mass produced products including washing machines (Fisher and Paykel), Lawn mowers (Morrison), Televisions (Thomson, Saba) and lots of Stereos (Perreaux, Plinius and Pureaudio). During his professional career he has worked on projects as diverse as experimental architecture to high end electronic products with Phillippe Stack in Paris. He shares his time between teaching and practice as the Programme Director of Industrial Design and Design Director and co-owner of PureAudio.

Research focus

His research extends the time frame of interest to include a more critical understanding of how products are created, how they change when they are used by people and how they can be re used when obsolete in new functions. This 4 Dimensional approach to Industrial design has led to applications as diverse as mass produced products that harvest their own waste into usable parts (PureAudio), web based design platforms that let people buy and sell 3D printed products online (Ponoko), personal experiments into efficient architecture made from old discarded industrial products and objects created with generative coded that resemble living animals more than conventional products. Through the use of physical design experiments he has been able to connect and illustrate how these theories can be applied to products or services.

Current research projects & websites