Jeongbin Ok

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Senior Lecturer - Industrial Design School of Design


MID RISD, MS Hanyang, BS Hanyang

Research interests

research interests
  • design and materials
  • design for health and safety
  • flexible 3D fabrication system.

Current research projects

current research projects
  • child-safe button cell batteries and packaging
  • earthquake-resilient shelving system
  • 3D printing system using new materials.

Selected patents and trademarks

  • J. Ok, M. Ahn; Synthesis method of magnesium dihydroxide-polymer hybrid particles, JP 2009-515005 A (2009)
  • J. Ok, K. Matyjaszewski; Synthesis of MDH-polymer hybrid particles, US 7407995 (2008)
  • J. Ok, M. Ahn; Polyester resin composition for covering material of cable and cable using the same, JP 2008-540816 (2008)
  • J. Ok, M. Ahn; Polyester-based polymer composition and cable using it, JP 2008-500423 A (2008)
  • J. Ok, M. Ahn; Halogen-free composition of polyester & the cable using thereof, KR 10-0622600 (2006).

Selected journal articles

  • K. Sirk, N. Saleh, T. Phenrat, H. Kim, B. Dufour, J. Ok, P. Golas, K. Matyjaszewski, G. Lowry, R. Tilton; Effect of adsorbed polyelectrolytes on nanoscale zero valent iron particle attachment to soil surface models, Environmental Science & Technology 43, 10, 3803 (2009)
  • J. Ok, K. Matyjaszewski; Synthesis of magnesium dihydroxide hybrid nanocomposites via ATRP, Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials 16, 2, 129 (2006)
  • N. Saleh, T. Phenrat, K. Sirk, B. Dufour, J. Ok, T. Sarbu, K. Matyjaszewski, R. Tilton, G. Lowry; Adsorbed triblock copolymers deliver reactive iron nanoparticles to the oil/water interface, Nanoletters 5, 12, 2489 (2005).

Selected conference presentations/proceedings

  • J. Ok, A. Zwwan, P. Cooper; Design of a safer lithium coin cell battery, Safety 2012, Wellington, New Zealand (2012)
  • R. Tilton, K. Matyjaszewski, N. Saleh, K. Sirk, Y. Liu, T. Sarbu, B. Dufour, J. Ok, T. Phenrat, H. Kim; Triblock copolymers as nanoparticulate iron targeted delivery vehicles for source-zone Remediation of contaminated aquifers,ACS National Meeting, Atlanta, GA, USA (2006)
  • K. Sirk, N. Saleh, H. Kim, T. Phenrat, T. Sarbu, B. Dufour, J. Ok, K. Matyjaszewski, G. Lowry, R. Tilton; Nanoiron surface modification by amphiphilic triblock copolymers for enhanced stability, transportability and accumulation at the NAPL/water interface, ACS National Meeting, Boulder, CO, USA (2006)
  • J. Ok, B. Dufour, T. Sarbu, K. Matyjaszewski; Preparation of amphiphilic block copolymers for the stabilization and delivery of iron nanoparticles for remediation of DNAPLs, ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, USA (2005)
  • J. Ok, M. Ahn; Novel PBT blends with magnesium hydroxide flame retardant, IUPAC Macro, Paris, France (2004).

Invited lectures

  • Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon, Korea (2011)
  • DRB Research Center, Busan, Korea (2011)
  • LS Cable Research Center, Gyeonggi, Korea (2011).