Byron Mallett

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Lecturer MD School of Design


Teaching in 2019

Statement of supervisory Interest

Byron is currently engaged with or is interested in supervising the following topics:

  • Human Computer Interaction design for VR and AR
  • VR narrative design
  • Interactive music


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Byron Mallett is a creative coder and designer who combines interaction design with animation, VR and audio/visual elements. He graduated from Victoria Universities’ School of Design in 2011 with a degree in Design specializing in Digital Media, and completed his Masters of Design Innovation in 2015 focusing on Virtual Reality and musical interfaces. Byron’s main interests revolve around the construction of tools that use Virtual Reality to help build media experiences.


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Byron’s research interests focus on the creation of tools and narrative content for a variety of mediums ranging from film and 3D animation, to VR experience design, cinematography and live media. His current projects focus on interface and tool development for working with the creation of 2D, 3D, VR and audio content.



Byron’s teaching interests lie in the areas of narrative and animation design for CG imagery and film. He draws upon techniques of classical and modern animation to teach principles of motion and communication using film and animation for creating both static media and real-time experiences.


Teaching in 2019