Bernard Guy

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Lecturer - Industrial Design School of Design


MDes (Industrial)


After more than a decade in the oil and mining industry Bernard Guy turned his focus from engineering to industrial design and working in the field of robotics and medical simulation. His research has evaluated the design of anaesthesia equipment and the design and production of a simulation device for teaching and retaining endoscopy skills. Increasingly he focuses on introducing novel technologies of design to clinicians in healthcare.

Design physiology is a useful way of describing Bernard’s approach to the design of a device or product, where dominant mechanical techniques of manufacture are traded for a physiological approach.

His design methods employ 3D scanning, 3D printing and digital CAD technologies to produce facial prosthesis, synthetic anatomies for simulation, preoperative planning models, and biological inspired designs.

Motivated by the novelty and close association of 3D printing to anatomy, Bernard’s research, teaching and commercial collaboration encourage performance and economic benefits through processes that no longer adhere to the traditional rules of mass manufacture.


Bernard is a principal investigator in the Product Accelerator, a research organisation where a major proportion of NZ’s additive manufacturing research and development is taking place

Central to Bernard’s research is a unique research hub called MADE created by the Industrial Design programme to investigate and support Multi-property 3D printing in design. This capability has promoted research with local and international healthcare providers and clinical specialists, prosthetic limb providers and the film industry.


For Bernard it is important to keep relevant through experimentation and innovation in the classroom, demonstrating how to learn and design at the technological edge involves building specific experience in digital creation. With new technologies moving at such a rapid pace he believes we need quality contemporary design that arises from our students, industry and our place in the world.

Publications and conference presentations

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