Dynamic experience

Producing a documentary about Vandervecken Cybernetics Director Josh Bailey's Tesla Coil synthesiser - CHIME RED, was undoubtedly the high point of Shivashish Andrews’ internship.

Josh Bailey (L) and Shivashish Andrewstesla coil

CHIME RED, an advanced polyphonic Tesla coil synthesizer, makes Tesla coils uniquely musically expressive instruments, providing features such as dynamics and ADSR envelopes available to composers and performers.

Passionate about film and post-production, Shivashish describes producing the documentary as “a really exciting experience that helped me hone my craft and gave me the freedom to make something that really highlighted the innovation and uniqueness of CHIME RED.”

“Visually, the content I was able to capture was really creatively fulfilling as well,” he says. “The eccentric, other-worldly plasma the coil produced while creating nostalgic, chip-tune music packed full of energy was incredible.”

Josh Bailey says the benefits from Shivashish’s work have been immediate. He has been able to send the documentary to prospective artistic collaborators, making it “so much more efficient and enjoyable than trying to explain it with a wall of text. I really needed a professionally produced documentary to describe my project and help take it forward by demonstrating and explaining it in an accessible and interesting form. Shivashish not only did that, but I really enjoyed the personal creativity and initiative he brought to the project,” he says.

The MFA has given Shivashish the opportunity to learn more about the logistics of being a working artist as well as opening the door to creating his own production company one day. “Getting my feet into the industry through this internship makes me feel that I am well-equipped to turn this dream into a reality,” he says