Arduino Day

Arduino Day

Date: 2 April 2016 Time: 1.00 pm

Arduino Day is a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s first 12 years.

Globally, it's 24 hours full of events, and we are hosting the Wellington event in the Media Lab of Victoria University's School of Design.

It is a free and open event including talks, workshops, and demos/show and tell sessions.

We know there is lots of making happening in Wellington, (it doesn't matter whether you are an expert or a newbie, an engineer, designer, crafter or maker), Arduino Day is open to anyone who wants to celebrate Arduino and all the things that have been done (or can be done) with it.

Similar to last years Arduino Day, we are running the last part of the afternoon session in typical 'unconference' style, which means we will have a whiteboard up from the start of the day where everybody can sign up for a time slot to demo a project, discuss a certain topic, or give a short workshop.

Please send enquiries to Anne Niemetz on

Location: Media Lab, School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington, 139 Vivian Street

Arduino Day poster