Project stages

Find out about the different stages of design and take a look at our artist's impressions of the new creative quarter.

Stage one

The first stage of this project involves earthquake strengthening the Wellington Town Hall and redeveloping the Town Hall’s main auditorium, Debating Chamber and Ilott Room to provide central city rehearsal and performance spaces for Victoria’s New Zealand School of Music and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

Both Victoria University and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra have confirmed their support for this stage of the venture.

Stage two

The second stage would see the redevelopment of adjoining buildings to bring all the elements of the New Zealand School of Music and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra together on a single site in Civic Square.

Athfield Architects’ innovative plans will transform the surrounding complex to encompass teaching, rehearsal and research spaces alongside the concert venue.

There will be new performance spaces that not only meet the requirements of a modern music school and a world-class orchestra but also provide spaces that can be used by the wider Wellington arts community.

Professor Jennifer Windsor

Professor Jennifer Windsor, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Victoria's New Zealand School of Music is New Zealand's highest ranking tertiary music school. We are fortunate to offer the most comprehensive education for music in New Zealand; now we hope to have the facilities to match that. We aim to co-create a vibrant musical future for the Wellington region.