Our research expertise spans computational science, including computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning, and applied mathematics.

Our team combines knowledge across these related disciplines to enhance a range of technologies. Technological innovation is at the heart of what we do—we are committed to advancing new and existing products, and pushing the boundaries of what's currently possible in the realm of interactive media.

Research for industry

Our goal is to create links between academia and industry, advancing digital products on the global market through research findings discovered here in New Zealand. We undertake research in collaboration with our industry partners to support emerging media relating to computer graphics technologies.

Focus areas

We study the fundamental algorithms used to produce digital media, techniques used to digitise real-world scenes and objects, and how people observe and interact with digital products.

Our research therefore covers three major areas:

  • Digital content creation—algorithms used for rendering, modelling, and animation.
  • Real-world appearance modelling—using appearance capturing and modelling techniques to digitise the real world.
  • Human factors—studying the human visual system and human-digital content interaction to optimise algorithms and improve the end-user experience.

Research groups

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