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Chinese president Xi Jiping launches the Confucius Institute at Victoria University
Chinese President Xi Jinping (The Vice President) launched the Confucius Institute at Victoria University in 2010.

The Confucius Institute (CI VUW) at Victoria University was formally established and opened in June 2010 by Chinese President(then Vice President), Xi Jinping, as a partnership between Victoria University and Xiamen University in China, making it part of a worldwide association of 500 CIs operating with the financial backing and support of Hanban, the Chinese Language Council International and Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing. In March 2011 we celebrated our opening with a month-long Chinese arts festival featuring concerts, poetry readings, photographic exhibitions, and a film festival.These cultural programmes continue to characterise our Confucius Institute.

The role of CI VUW is to build New Zealanders’ understanding of and familiarity with China, its language, culture and people. The Institute works to expand opportunities for New Zealanders to learn Chinese-in schools and in tailored classes. It builds knowledge of China’s long and rich culture by bringing in artists, writers, musicians and performers to give New Zealand audiences an experience of Chinese traditional and contemporary culture, often in collaboration with Kiwi artists and performers. Being part of Victoria University, CI VUW contributes to enhancing scholarship about China and building academic links with China, especially with Confucius Institute partner, Xiamen University. The Confucius Institute is part of Victoria University’s strategy to build its engagement with China.

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Advisory Board Chairman Tony Browne accepts the 2015 Outstanding Confucius Institute award from Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong at the Confucius Institutes Global Conference held in Shanghai on 6 December 2015
On behalf of VUW's Confucius Institute, Advisory Board Chairman Tony Browne accepts the '2015 Outstanding Confucius Institute' (2015年先进孔院) award from Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong at the Confucius Institutes Global Conference held in Shanghai on 6 December 2015(story in News and Event)

CI VUW's main collaboration is with the schools and organisations that teach Chinese and promote Chinese culture. Within Victoria University, CI VUW works closely with the Chinese Language Programme and other departments of the University involved in developing links with China. It works with the Confucius Institutes of the University of Auckland and Canterbury University, Ministry of Education, International Languages Exchanges and Pathways (ILEP) , New Zealand Chinese Language Teachers Association and Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Promotion of its cultural programme sees the Institute working with Te KōkĪ New Zealand School of Music at Victoria University, New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation, Victoria University Library, Wai-te-ata Press, Wellington City Council, Wellington Public Library, Alexander Turnbull Library, New Zealand Federation of Film Societies and the New Zealand International Film Festival, Radio New Zealand and a range of local Chinese media outlets and Xinhua News Agency, New Zealand China Friendship Society and other Chinese cultural and community organizations, Dowse Art Museum, Pataka Art Museum, Te Papa and other public institutions, and the Asia New Zealand Foundation. CI VUW values its warm working relationship with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China.

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