Ruiping Ye

Faculty of Law—VUW Chapter



  • LLB Xiamen University, China
  • LLM (Distinction) Victoria University of Wellington
  • Qualified as a Lawyer in both China and New Zealand

Background relating to China

Ruiping is a PhD candidate based at VUW law school. Her research area is in the Taiwan aboriginal land tenure during the Chinese Qing and the Japanese rules (1684-1945).

Ruiping completed her LLM with distinction in December 2009. She has done a small project on the NZ-China Free Trade Agreement for the LLM, focusing on legislative implementation of the FTA. Ruiping has an ongoing interest in the interaction of New Zealand law and Chinese law as the international trade and investment between these two countries increase.


  • Ye, Ruiping and Ricarda Kessebohm, “The China-NZ FTA and Waxing Juridical” (2011) 42:2 Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 353-367
  • Ye, Ruiping, “The Demise of Ultra Vires in New Zealand: To be? Not to be!” (2010) 8:2 New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law 287-319
  • Ye, Ruiping “Torrens and Customary Land Tenure: A case study on the Land Titles Registration Act 2008 of Samoa” (2010) 40:4 Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 827-861

Research interests relating to China

  • Chinese legal system;
  • Taiwan land tenure and colonial history;
  • Free Trade Agreements between NZ and China, and between NZ and Taiwan;
  • The interaction of New Zealand law and Chinese law.