Associate Professor Paul Dana

University of Canterbury—Business Chapter


Paul Dana

Research interests relating to China

  • cross-cultural studies.

Publications relating to China

Refereed journal articles

  • Hamilton, R.T., Dana, L.P. and Benfell, C. (2008). Changing cultures - an international study of migrant entrepreneurs. Journal of Enterprising Cultures, 16, 1, 89-105;
  • Dana, L.P., Mueller, J. and Pio, E. (2008). Contours of Entrepreneurship: The Impact of Government Policy in China and India. Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, IV, 2, Conference Issue "Perspectives on Entrepreneurs, 103-132;
  • Dana,L. (1999) Entrepreneurship as a supplement in the People's Republic of China. Journal of Small Business Management, 37, 3, 76-80;
  • Dana, Leo Paul. (1999) The Cola Experience' Six Business Case Studies : Coca-Cola Indo-China Pte Ltd; Lublin Coca-Cola Bottlers Ltd; S. David Soda Water Factory; Tajik-American Pepsi; Turkish Coca-Cola; and International Beverage Company. British Food Journal, 101, 5--6, 441-482;
  • Dana, Leo Paul. (1999) The Development of Entrepreneurship in Macao and Hong Kong : A Comparitive Study. Public Administration and Policy, 8, 1, 61--72;
  • Dana, Leo Paul. (1998) Small Business in Xinjiang. Asian Journal of Business & Information Systems, 3, 1, 123--136.

Books and book chapters

  • Dana, L-P. (2007) Asian Models of Entrepreneurship - From the Indian Union and the Kingdom of Nepal to the Japanese Archipelago. Context, Policy and Practice. Singapore: World Scientific
  • Dana, L.P. (2002). When economics change path - Models of Transition in China, the Central Asian Republics, Myanmar & the Nations of Former Indochine Francaise. Singapore: World Scientific.

Conference papers

  • Benfell, C., Hamilton, R.T. and Dana, L.P. (2006) Changing Cultures: An International Study of Migrant Entrepreneurs. Singapore: Singapore Management University Edge Conference - Bridging the Gap: Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice, 3-5 Jul 2006. In Proceedings of the Singapore Management University Edge Conference: Bridging the Gap, 19pp.