Research and report-writing draw on the skills that the study of History develops; where and how to access information, how to interpret and to present it.

History is essential to human society as memory is to an individual. It provides a framework within which complex issues of identity, morality, and reality can be argued out. It also offers reference points for speculation about what might be possible in the future.

History is an intellectual discipline which requires the rigour of a scientist, the persistence of a detective and the imagination of a novelist. It is a subject which offers numerous areas of specialisation and one which generates enthusiasm and commitment.

Where History graduates work

History graduates are intellectually trained to work in almost any position including analysis and managerial roles requiring critical thinking skills.

Positions which specifically require abstract reasoning skills and the ability to analyse large amounts of written information and data are also highly appropriate for history graduates.

Jobs involving research and report-writing draw on the skills that history graduates have developed - knowing where to look for information, how to access it, how to interpret it and how to present it.

Across all degree levels, these include:

  • Policy analyst
  • Medals researcher
  • Archives officer
  • Content developer
  • Research assistant
  • Event co-ordinator

Skills History students develop

The study of history involves in-depth analysis of particular historical periods or sequences of events. This builds specific bodies of knowledge which may, be necessary for a particular job, but also develops more generic skills which are considered essential for maintaining employability in the job market.

Employers often write these skills into job descriptions in terms of:

  • critical thinking
  • analytical ability
  • logic and quantitative skills
  • reading comprehension
  • sound judgement
  • persistence and intellectual curiosity
  • creativity and flexibility

For more information about career possibilities with a degree in History, see the History Career View and the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations.