Health promotion

Be at the front end of positive social change. Work with the most vulnerable communities to plan and develop ways to help people improve and manage their health

Health promotion plays an essential role in society, assisting with the delivery of information about health and health-related topics, with the ultimate goal of improving the health of individuals and populations.

The focus is on exploring the causes of poor health, and what can be done to advocate for, create and sustain good health and positive change in individuals, groups and communities. This is achieved through health research, the development of effective health and public policy and the application of health promotion initiatives to implement change.

Students develop a unique set of skills and knowledge, especially in the collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data using a variety of methods, relationship management, presentation, planning and organisation skills.

Where health promotion graduates work

Health Promotions graduates may find roles across private and public sectors, especially in organisations allied to the direct health delivery, such as:

Roles and career pathways

Graduates with undergraduate qualification may find work in roles such as:

Experience or additional qualifications in content development, marketing and communications or web design can be useful to progress into a wider range of roles. Knowledge and understanding of Hauora Māori, te reo and tikanga or Pasifka cultures and health practice are also important.

Those with a postgraduate qualification or previous work experience may find roles such as programme designers, project managers or policy analysts.

Graduates may also work in related industries such as social services or education in communication, training or coordination roles.

Build relevant skills and experience

Part-time work and volunteering during study all help to increase your job prospects when you graduate. Programmes such as Victoria Plus, Victoria International Leadership Programme (VILP) for students from all disciplines develop leadership skills. Volunteering in the health sector will provide valuable experience. The Bachelor of Health will be offering a Research and Enquiry in Health or Health Internship course in 2020, which will provide students the opportunity to develop applied research or workplace skills and experience. Places for the health internship are limited.

Make career connections

Networking and making connections with individuals and groups while you study can help your learn more about career opportunities.Getting involved with Hauora - Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand, Public Health Association of New ZealandWellington Young Professionals, university clubs and mentoring programmes such as Alumni as Mentors can all enhance your employability while studying.