Develop expertise in health services, health policy and strategy, social health and population health, and contribute to the promotion of health and well-being.

The demand for qualified professionals in the health sector is growing, across all health services as well as health policy and strategy. Exponential social and technological change requires an ability to understand and solve problems as well as advocate for the wellbeing of diverse groups, particularity Māori and Pasifika. This could be in the context of areas such as social policy, research, innovation and entrepreneurship or education.

What is health informatics?

The demand for health informatics professionals with the ability to use technology tools and data is projected to grow.

Health promotion

Be at the front end of positive social change. Work with the most vulnerable communities to plan and develop ways to help people improve and manage their health

Health psychology

Gain an insight into the behaviours and attitudes that put health at risk and how to change these behaviours to promote better health.

Population health, policy and service delivery

Develop critical thinking skills and learn research methods to understand the factors that influence the health of diverse populations.