Guide for employers to make the most out of a Careers Expo

We want to make sure your experience at a Careers Expo is positive—read some tips and tricks to get the most out of your time on campus and with our students.

Consider your goals

Make sure everyone involved knows what you want to achieve during your time at the expo—not just those on your team, but also the Victoria University of Wellington Careers and Employment team.

What’s the number one reason you’re attending the Careers Expo?

  • Do you want to promote your opportunities?
  • Do you want to build awareness of your brand on campus?
  • Do you want to connect with potential applicants or convey company culture?

What type of students do you want to target?

  • What attributes are you seeking?
  • What degree majors are you focused on?
  • What specific roles are you seeking to fill?

Before the Expo

There’s a few things for you to do before you arrive on campus.

Register to attend

Registrations open in late November/early December for Careers Expos held in the following year. Be the first to know when registrations open by signing up by email to our mailing list.

Alternatively, log in to NZUniCareerHub where you can register for any of the Careers Expos at seven of the eight universities nationwide.

Included in your registration for the Victoria University of Wellington Careers Expo is:

  • dedicated space on campus at the Careers Expo with a table and two chairs
  • black table cloth
  • display board
  • power supply
  • wireless internet connection
  • attendance for up to four people from your organisation.

Let us know if you need any of the above when registering.

Plan an eye-catching booth that will attract job seekers

Be creative! Whether you want to bring along a demo of your current project, interview students on site, bring along a popcorn machine, or entice students with an interactive activity.

We’d be happy to talk you through the logistics so you can make it happen—just let us know.

Potential candidates can learn almost everything about your company with a quick Google search. Make their time at the Careers Expo worthwhile by offering information they couldn’t easily find elsewhere. For instance, if your website doesn’t show any visuals of the physical workspace, bring a laptop to play a video that offers a virtual tour of your office.

Pick the right representatives

Organisation reps should be knowledgeable about your organisation (values, benefits, and career progression opportunities) and be able to speak at length about the positions on offer.

Utilise your previous graduate cohort—bring along people who have been through the graduate process before so students can ask them questions.

Bring HR staff who can talk students through the hiring process, describe the qualities you’re looking for, and how students can tailor their applications to fit.

Prepare your questions

You will have limited time with each student, so prepare some questions in advance.

Keep the conversation relevant. You might want to start the conversation by asking the student what they are studying, but think carefully—could you be open to all disciplines?

Consider asking questions about their interests and career goals, what they already know about your company, or if they meet the technical requirements for your roles.

Post your jobs

Make sure that the relevant roles are visible on your website and also on the official university job board, NZUniCareerHub.

At the expo

Advertise your presence

Put the word out that your company will be at the Careers Expo and is hiring now or will be looking for graduates in the future. We also recommend you let students know who from your team will be there to answer questions. Consider posting pictures on social media while you’re on campus to build your brand.

Do more than just refer job seekers to your website to apply. Students want to know that they have an ‘in’ or a special relationship with your company because they came to the Careers Expo. Pass on a business card and encourage them to mention meeting you during the hiring process.

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries.