Graduate recruitment

We host a number of graduate recruitment events throughout the year, where you can meet potential employers and find out about jobs and internships.

Graduate recruitment events include a range of activities:


  • Meet with recruiters in an informal yet professional environment.
  • Learn about the type of work being offered across a range of options.
  • Hear about the experiences of recent recruits.
  • Find out how organisations differ.
  • Discover the skills and attributes valued by employers.
  • Gain "exposure" to potential employers and establish a personal relationship before making an application.
  • Get familiar with the language of the workplace and graduate recruitment.
  • Develop the confidence required to apply for a range of professional opportunities.

How to get involved

  • Come and visit Careers and Employment at HU120 in the Hunter Building.
  • Browse and book events, appointments and more on CareerHub.
  • Always keep your contact details up-to-date (your email address is critical).
  • Login regularly to view and up-date information and messages.
  • Check the Graduate Recruitment category on CareerHub throughout the year and note organisations or events of interest.
  • Attend career expos and presentations/information sessions of organisations you intend to apply to.
  • Try to attend a wider range of presentations than those of immediate interest to raise awareness of opportunities that you might not have considered.
  • Make sure you have prepared a quality CV and that you're well prepared for interviews. Careers and Employment run regular workshops on topics such as CV Preparation, Interview Skills and Assessment Centres.

Graduate recruitment programmes

Explore the list of graduate recruitment programmes currently taking applications.

Careers in Focus

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