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Public transport

Car parks are hard to come by, and it is recommended that staff catch public transport to campus instead of driving.

The Kelburn campus is well serviced by bus and cable car services. There is a regular bus service from outside the Law School/Rutherford House to Kelburn campus, and the cable car runs every 10 minutes on weekdays.

Staff Parking

Applying for a parking permit

Staff wishing to join the parking scheme should email or phone 463 6610 to join the waiting list. Please supply your full name, employee number, department, extension number and campus when applying. Please note on some campuses the waiting list can be over three years long. Please also note that the length of time on the waiting list determines when a staff member is eligible to receive a parking permit, not their length of employment. For more information, please see the parking procedures below.

License to Hunt Permit

Permanent staff who wish to park their vehicles on campus are offered parking through a License to Hunt permit.

Permits must be clearly displayed on all vehicles left in University parking areas between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday, all year round.

Permits are campus specific. Permit holders may not park at campuses not specified on their permit and will be infringed if found to be doing so.

Each applicant will be issued with a single permit, regardless of how many motor vehicles they use. Permits are individually numbered, identifying the permit holder and their vehicle(s). This means that each permit holder can only park one vehicle at any one time on campus.

Various requirements and restrictions apply and ticketing and towing is enforced where necessary.


Parking permit fees are reviewed annually. Staff on the monthly or fortnightly permanent payroll will have the parking fee deducted from their salary.

A Licence to Hunt permit in 2016 costs $ 1,238 incl GST  

Parking Areas for permit holders

  • At the Kelburn campus the main staff car park is accessed via Gate 7 at the southern end of the campus, off Kelburn Parade.
  • At the Pipitea campus, staff carparking is situated in Government Buildings grounds, Rutherford House basement and adjacent to Platform 9 on Wellington Railway Station.
  • There is very limited University parking at Te Aro campus.

For the location of campus car-parking areas, refer to the Campus Car Parking Maps on the top right of the screen.

Reserved spaces

Reserved parks at Kelburn (and all parks at Te Aro and Pipitea campuses) are restricted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If a ‘reserved’ or named sign is missing from its mounting, please contact the FM Service Desk.

Visitor Parking

Pay and Display

There are 125 Pay and Display parks available for visitors, staff and students located along Waiteata Road.  Prices range from $3 an hour to $10 a day (7am-7pm).

Kelburn Campus

Short term visitor parking (2 hours max).  Bookings are essential:

  • Hunter Courtyard (P120)—two spaces—phone 0800 VICTORIA or email
  • Behind Cotton, east side— six spaces—phone 0800 VICTORIA or email
  • Hunter (VC's)—two spaces—phone 04-463 5301

Pipitea Campus

  • Old Government Building, 55 Lambton Quay—2 spaces—phone 0800 VICTORIA or email

Due to limited parking available at the Pipitea Campus, all visitors (and staff from other Victoria campuses) must make prior arrangements dial 0 or email

Staff who have visitors/contractors that wish to park their vehicles on campus must make early arrangements for visitor parking by emailing and informing Victoria Info Ihouni of the time, date and location of the booking, the name of the visitor and his or her vehicle's registration, and the staff member or visitor's contact number.

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Parking Procedures

The university's parking procedures include all the rules and regulations around parking on Victoria University campuses. View a full copy of the Car Parking Procedures below:

DocumentFile sizeFile type
Car Parking Procedure360 KBPDF


Permits are not required for motorcycles. A number of designated areas have been provided and motorcycles/scooters parking causing a hazard will be removed at the owner's expense.

  • Roof of von Zedlitz service tower off Glasgow Street
  • Laby - under build at south end
  • Ring Road - Motorcycle deck behind Rankine Brown
  • Alan MacDiarmid - Basement (staff only)
  • 85 Fairlie Terrace

It is recommended that motorcyclists lock their bikes and take their personal property (helmets, etc) with them.


Permits are not required for bicycles. Staff are advised to secure their bicycles to the racks provided at each campus and take accessories with them.

For the safety of building occupants in an emergency and to prevent damage to paintwork and flooring, staff must not keep their bicycles in offices, corridors and access ways.

Bicycle stands

Bicycle parking stands on the Kelburn campus are situated in the following locations:

  • Adam Art Gallery - south
  • Alan MacDiarmid - Basement (secure cage)
  • Kirk - north/east
  • Laby - under south end
  • MacLaurin/Cotton - west
  • Murphy Building - west
  • Rec Centre - west
  • 83 Fairlie Terrace - west

Bicycle stands on the Pipitea campus are situated in the following locations:

  • Government Building - east
  • Parking rules and regulations

Parking Procedures

Please read the university's official parking procedures which cover all rules and regulations around parking on Victoria University campuses.


The University campus precincts are pedestrian areas with vehicle access restricted to a maximum speed of 15 kilometres per hour (15 kph).

Illegal Parking

Any vehicle found illegally parked on reserved spaces, yellow lines, disability spaces, on the grass, in designated service areas, blocking fire egresses, or non-marked spaces will be ticketed or towed at owners' risk and expense.

Any vehicle parked in a university park without a valid permit is liable to be towed or ticketed at the owners expense.

Parking across entrance-ways within the University precincts is prohibited. Doorways and/or emergency exits must never be obstructed by any vehicle—car, motorbike or bicycle.

If a staff permit holder has parked illegally, parking staff will try to contact the owner of the vehicle to request that it be moved. If this is not done, or if the vehicle owner cannot be contacted at the time, the vehicle will be ticketed or towed.

Parking Attendants

Wilson Parking monitor car parks to ensure only those displaying current parking and accessible permits park in designated areas.

Towing and Ticketing 

Any vehicle illegally parked on campus or not displaying a current parking permit shall be either ticketed or towed.

Towing and ticketing is at the owner's risk and expense.

Park at your own risk

The University takes no responsibility for any damage to vehicles, bikes or motorcycles parked on University controlled property, whether or not vehicles are parked in designated parking areas. Staff, visitors and contractors park at their own risk.

Mobility parking for staff

Staff that require a mobility park must email Campus Services at a Disability Action mobility form, signed by their doctor. Final approval for mobility parks will be in consultation with the Staff Occupational Health Nurse.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Be unable to walk and reliant on a wheelchair for mobility, or
  2. Rely on mobility devices (eg crutches, walking sticks, walking frames), or
  3. Be unable to walk 200 metres unassisted because of the nature/severity of their condition.


Staff Car Parking 

Email :
Phone: +64-4-463 9472

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