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  • Damage
    How should graffiti or vandalism be reported?

    Details of any graffiti or vandalism should be reported to the FM Service Desk as soon as possible.

    Campus Services has contractors equipped to remove graffiti on the campus, our aim being to have the graffiti removed as soon as possible after being detected/reported - prompt action helps to further reduce the incidence of tagging/graffiti.

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  • Painting
  • Paper Towels
    Who supplies paper towels and toiletries?

    All paper towels and toiletries are restocked during the daily cleaning process. High use areas are restocked twice daily. Contact the FM Service Desk if there is an area that requires attention.

  • Parking
  • Photocopiers
    Who provides and services the photocopiers on campus?

    This service is provided by Information and Technology Services (ITS).

  • Pinboards and Whiteboards
  • Plans
    Who has floor plans?

    Campus Services prepares and provides floor plans for all buildings at the University.

    How do I request a PDF copy of a plan?

    Copies of floor plans may be available on request - please contact the FM Service Desk on extn 6600 for more information.

  • Plumbing

    Plumbing includes all water supplies to and within buildings; all toilets, showers and ablution facilities; all water discharge systems; all roofs, gutters, spouting and downpipes.

    How do you report any problems?

    Contact the FM Service Desk (or after hours via Campus Care on ext 5398), explaining the extent and urgency of the situation. A maintenance tradesperson will then be called to attend to the problem.

  • Porter Services

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  • Safety

    Campus Safety provides support and information on safety management systems and coordinates the safety responsibility of all University staff. Campus Safety also provides professional advice and guidance.

    Who do you contact if there is an incident involving safety of staff or students?

    Please contact the Safety Coordinator as soon as possible on extn 6053 so the incident/accident can be appropriately investigated. To report an emergency dial 8888 from an internal phone.

  • Security and Access Cards
  • Service Requests
  • Signage
  • Smokefree
  • Student Accommodation

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  • Vehicles

    University's vehicles are the responsibility of individual Faculties, Schools and Central Service Units.

    Finance arranges insurance for the vehicle fleet as part of the wider Insurance responsibilities. Refer Insurance.

    See Carparking for information on staff carparking and Carpooling for information about the Greater Wellington Regional Council carpooling scheme.

  • Vic Commute
  • Vic Venues

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  • Waste Removal
  • Whiteboards
  • Window Coverings
    Where are window coverings provided and what gets provided?

    Many early buildings at the University are fitted with curtains, however these are generally being phased out in favour of venetian or sunfilter blinds. Campus Services arranges for the supply and installation of the blinds. Please contact the FM Service Desk.

    Teaching rooms are generally supplied with black out blinds and in special circumstances sun filters and tinted windows may be considered at the discretion of Campus Services.

    Who arranges cleaning, repairs and replacement of curtains and blinds?

    Generally Campus Services do not clean curtains because it is not financially viable. All curtains and blinds are reviewed for replacement as a required on a case-by-case basis.

    Should repairs to venetian blinds and tracks be necessary, these will be arranged by Campus Services if contact is made with the FM Service Desk or a job logged remotely in BEIMS.

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