John Duckitt

John Duckitt


Emeritus Professor of Psychology, The University of Auckland


Category: Research Associate (NZ)


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John Duckitt obtained his Ph.D from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa with doctoral research that examined white racial prejudice in South Africa. He is currently Emeritus Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Auckland. During most of his career he has been involved in research on intergroup hostility and conflict, and in particular on prejudice, authoritarianism, and racism. He has three main areas of interest currently. One is concerned with the motivational bases of intergroup hostility and prejudice, a second with the psychological structure of group identities and their implications for intergroup behaviour and attitudes, and the third with the psychological structure of ideological attitudes and their personal and social implications. A major emphasis in his research has been to develop constructs and models that have cross cultural validity and relevance.

Areas of interest

Intergroup hostility and conflict; Prejudice and stigmatization; Authoritarian personality and authoritarian attitudes; Group and social identification; Social and ideological attitudes and values.

Selected publications

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