Change of CACR Directorship

After more than a decade of acting as the Director (and Co-Director with Prof Jim Liu) of the Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research (CACR), Prof Colleen Ward is stepping down. Professor Ron Fischer and Associate Professor Taciano Milfont are the new Co-Directors of the CACR.

Since its inception in 2004 the CACR has grown and developed into an internationally recognised centre of excellence in cross-cultural research attracting many international academics and students. Over the intervening years Colleen’s dedication to the CACR has helped extend its services to include external research and evaluation, consulting and the increasingly popular and successful intercultural training workshops.

Colleen remains the Director of the Cross-cultural Programme and an indispensable Fellow of the Centre, and she is looking forward to being able to devote more time to her own research interests now that she has passed the baton on.

Thank you Colleen. It is an absolute truth that the CACR would not exist today without you!

E hara koe i a ia!