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Chapter in book

Marriage, G. (2008). Prescott. herriot+melhuish architecture, architecture + studiopacific architecture. Ins by Stratford, S. (Eds). New Zealand Architectural Publications Trust. (pp. 124). Auckland, New Zealand.

Journal contribution—other

Marriage, G L G. (2005). Doing each other's thing. Architecture New Zealand. Jan/Feb ed. (pp. 78-79).

Marriage, G L G. (2005). Going downtown. Architecture New Zealand. Sept/Oct ed. (pp. 55-64).

Marriage, G L G. (2005). Place, spirit, and getting the layers right—a review of architectus Auckland's design for a NZIA supreme award winning residential project. Indesign, 21. (pp. 158-163).

Marriage, G L G. (2004). A promenade through history. New Zealand architecture. Jan/Feb ed. (pp. 48-49).

Marriage, G L G. (2004). A review of 'Matter of Art' International Swiss Architecture exhibition. Urbis. Winter ed. (pp. 126-128).

Marriage, G L G. (2004). Laying Low. Urbis. Spring ed. (pp. 154-158).

Marriage, G L G. (2004). Leaning tower offers learning curves. New Zealand architecture. Sept/Oct ed. (pp. 94-97).

Marriage, G L G. (2004). The world's their oyster. Indesign Magazine, 18. (pp. 146-153).

Marriage, G L G. (2004). Westwood ho, a review of Jasmax design for Westpac. Indesign Magazine, 16. (pp. 146-153).

Marriage, G L G. (2003). Bring on the Oddballs. Urbis, 19. Autumn ed. (pp. 108-109).

Marriage, G L G. (2003). Engineers See the Light. Architecture New Zealand, 4. July/August ed. (pp. 47-52).

Marriage, G L G. (2003). From the Gothic to Grand Salon. Prodesign, 65. June/July ed. (pp. 12-16).

Marriage, G L G. (2003). Grand Prix Architecture. Urbis, 19. Autumn ed. (pp. 80-83).

Marriage, G L G. (2003). No Swinging Cats in Inner City Flats?. Architecture New Zealand, 3. May/June ed. (pp. 48-49).

Marriage, G L G. (2003). Open to Interpretation. Urbis, 19. Autumn ed. (pp. 121-122).

Marriage, G L G. (2003). Pacific Ringmaster. Urbis, 19. Autumn ed. (pp. 110-111).

Marriage, G L G. (2002). Shadows and Light. Urbis, 15. Autumn ed. (pp. 112-116).

Marriage, G L G. (2001). A Perfect Fit. Interior Details. Mar/Apr ed. (pp. 26-29).

Marriage, G L G. (2001). Up on the Roof. Urbis, 10. Summer ed. (pp. 80-84).

Conference paper in published proceedings

Marriage, G. (2011 - pending). Minimum vs Maximum: size and the New Zealand House. 2010 Australasian Housing Researchers' Conference.

Marriage, G. (2011 - in progress). Building Reality: Results from the FirstLight House student project. 45th. Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association, ANZAScA 2011, Sydney, Australia.

Marriage, G. (2010). Building the FirstLight house: applied research in sustainability. 44th Annual Conference of the Architectural Science Association, ANZASCA 2010, Unitec, Auckland.

Marriage, G. & Waldhauser, S. (2010). Aorangi House: Wellington’s Recycled building. SB10. Sustainable Buildings 2010 Conference. Wellington, New Zealand.

Marriage, G. (2010). Harry Potter and the Prisons of Piranesi: the staircase in complex space. SAHANZ. Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand. Newcastle, Australia.

Marriage, G. (2009). Exploring the Spatial Dimension. SAHANZ. Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australian and New Zealand. Auckland, New Zealand.

Marriage, G. & Barbour, A. (2007). A Green Building for the Roaring Forties. 2nd PALENC Conference and 28th AIVC Conference on Building Low Energy Cooling and Advanced Ventilation Technologies in the 21st Century. PALENCE. (pp. 106-110). Crete, Greece.

Marriage, G. (2006). Dubrovnik Dvor: Contested Citadel. XXIII Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand (Fremantle). Fremantle, Australia.

Full conference paper

Marriage, G L G. (2005). Louis Hay: a celebration of lost work. Celebration: SAHANZ 2005 - Proceedings of the 22nd annual conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand. (pp. 237-241).

Marriage, G L G. (2005). No free Love: the dearth of media output from the Architectural Centre in the swinging sixties. '...about as austere as a Dior gown...' New Zealand Architecture, the 1960s: a one day symposium. (pp. 63-67).


Nuttall, E., Jagersma, B., Farrow, A., Danielmeier, T., Marriage, G., et al. (2011). Meridian First Light House. US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011. Frank Kitts Park, Wellington, by Victoria University of Wellington.

Marriage, G L. (2009). Aorangi House Building Refurbishment. 85 Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington.

McDougall, S., Mitchell, P., Marriage, G., Irwin, D., Williams, E., Males, D., Breslin, M., Steel, P., Tippet, S., Saunders, D., Durno, S., Jury, R., Lee, S., Prestidge, A., & Sen, A. (2008). Kumutoto. [Public area landscaping]. Wellington, New Zealand.

Marriage, G., McDougall, S., Woodbury, M., Warbrick, T., Cattanach, A., Barbour, A., Berry, C., Moraes, A., Becket, A., Wong, L., & Beatson, R. (2007). Meridian Building Site 7, Kumutoto, Wellington.

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