Philippe Campays

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Associate Dean (Students) Architecture and Design Faculty Office


DESA Paris, MArch Auck, ANZIA, Registered Architect

Stream supervisor

ARCI 591/592 - Architecture Research Thesis

Constructing Ecologies

Research interests

My current research interests fall into four main areas:

  • architecture of the liminal - space of haunting and of death
  • architecture of the sacred - Vastu Shastra
  • somatic space
  • sustainable development.

Current research projects

My current research explores different modes of representation of the invisible conditions of site. Particular attention is given to commemorative spaces in various cultural settings.

Selected publications

McIntosh, J., Campays, P. Leah, A.(2015) Empowerment through Collaboration: Community, Educator, and Museum. International Journal of Civic Engagement and Social Change. Vol.2, Issue 3. 35 pages. IGI Publishing, Penn. USA. DOI:10.4018/IJCESC.2015070102.

Campays, P., Randell, M., & Liddicoat, S. (2011). Memorial of Deportation. Third Global Conference Digital Memories. Prague, Czech Republic.

Campays, P. (2010). Dear Mark. [article]. Mark Another Architecture. Issue 28 Oct/Nov. Netherlands. (pp. 184-191). ISSN 1574-6453.

Campays, P. (2010). Beauty of the Scar. [article and drawings]. Tracey Journal. Issue December. United Kingdom.

Campays, P., & Liddicoat, S. (2009, October). Drawing the Haunting. Published abstract. The Traction of Drawing. 2009 Interstices Under Construction Symposium. Auckland, New Zealand.

Campays, P., & Randell, M. (2008, September). Materialising the Invisible as a new form of architectural drawing. Selected work, Exhibition. Henning Larsen Foundation. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Campays, P., Nugent, A., Laub, D., & Molloy, F. (2006, June). Analysing bodies. Society of Dance History Scholars. Chicago, United States of America.

Campays, P., Laub, D., & Molloy, F. (2004). Spacemaking. Moving Architecture 1.2 (a) Cases of “Urban Acupuncture” worldwide project based. Union Internationale des Architectes. Istanbul, Turkey.

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