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Senior Lecturer School of Architecture

Qualifications and affiliations

NZCAD(Open Polytechnic), BArch (Auck) MArch (VUW)

RAB Registered Architect #2212, FNZIA

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Senior Lecturer Mark Southcombe is the Associate Dean Post Graduate Research of the Faculty of Architecture and Design, at the School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He is an architect and academic with over 25 years of creative practice experience in Architecture, Interior, Landscape and Arts projects. He leads Design Teaching and Research projects at Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design, and is a member of the Ecologies Design Lab Masters Research Unit. Mark is also a Director of Southcombe Architects (, a specialist design consultancy that realises architecture, research and design work for selected clients through collaborations with them and other professionals. Mark's practice history over time includes leadership within Southcombe McClean and Co, BSM Group Architects, PRAXIS Architecture Research Design, VOID Architecture Research Urbanism and his current practice Southcombe Architects.

Mark's research history spans and shifts between academic and professional practices, towards integration of knowledge from both. His deep and broad design-lead history in professional architectural practice has been combined with a similar level of informed engagement with theoretically based and applied design knowledge over time. His research outputs and contributions typically negotiate this same territory between architectural thinking, and design and making, engaging with real world and often collaborative contexts in the process.

Mark's teaching specialisation is design, design led research, and design methods.


Mark's research is in the following areas

  • Housing and Collective Urban Housing Ecologies
  • Design-Led Research, and Prefabrication
  • Whanganui and New Zealand Architectural Histories
  • Design Pedagogy

His current research includes

  • MacroMicro Reciprocity: Creative alternative design propositions for New Zealand high density housing focused on specific contextual design. Publication late 2018.
  • Rangahaua; Architecture and Cultural Interface. Publication mid 2018.
  • Facilitating New Zealand Cohousing: A Summit on translating CoHousing to NZ Cultural Contexts.
  • Urban Housing Ecologies, part of a larger Ecologies Design lab book project titled ecology is not a Metaphor.

Recent design projects include Seasky house coastal housing for a marginal site. a sustainable cohousing subdivision and house, a ‘Treasure chest’ for an early childhood education center, a final design selected in a sacred space competition, and rural housing.

Selected publications

Southcombe, M. A. (2018). Rangahaua: Architecture and Cultural Interface. In Joanna Merwood-Salisbury, Michael Dudding and Christopher McDonald Historiographies of Technology and Architecture: Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians of Australia and New Zealand, Wellington, 2018.

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and academic practices in architectural education. The Journal of Public Space, 2(3 (Special Issue)), 157-166.

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2011 SOUTHCOMBE MA The Same but Different: the Plischke-Gray House and Studio. Presented at the SAHANZ Annual conference, Brisbane 7-10th July 2011.

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