Prof Joanna Merwood-Salisbury

Research interests

Architectural history, 19th and 20th centuries.


PhD, Princeton University

M.Arch, McGill University

B.Arch, Victoria University of Wellington

BBSC, Victoria University of Wellington

Research interests

Although I am interested in all areas of nineteenth and twentieth century architectural history, my principal focus is the study of architecture and urbanism in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century United States. My book, Chicago 1890: The Skyscraper and the Modern City (2009), describes the development of the early Chicago skyscrapers between 1880 and the turn of the twentieth century, understanding them not only as important artifacts in the history of architecture, but also as sites for a contentious debate about the future of the industrial city. Related work explores the design of public spaces and buildings in modern cities and the socio-political contexts in which they are conceptualized and used. I am also interested in the historical inter-relationships between architecture and interior design.

Current research projects

I continue to research the idea of the first “Chicago School” of architecture as an historiographic category, and I am currently working on a new book, entitled Design for the Crowd: Patriotism and Protest in Union Square. This book investigates the history of Union Square in New York City as both a geographical location with real formal characteristics and as the symbol of competing ideas about the operation of democracy in the United States.

Selected publications

Merwood-Salisbury, J., Design for the Crown: Patriotism and Protest in Union Square, University of Chicago Press (forthcoming).

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Joanna Merwood-Salisbury