Fabricio Chicca

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Senior Lecturer School of Architecture


Teaching in 2019


BArchUrb UNIDERP (Brazil), MArchUrb Mackenzie (Brazil), PhD Well


Fabricio graduated with an Architecture and Urban Design degree from UNIDERP (Brazil) in 1997 and completed his Master's Degree in Architecture and Urban Design at Mackenzie University (Brazil) in 2007. Following his studies he had a successful 13 year professional career in the international real estate market where he worked as a project manager, urban designer, architect and real estate developer. Throughout his professional career, Fabricio was responsible for large-scale developments and worked for multinational companies.


Fabricio has been a part of several research projects in a wide range of fields. His PhD thesis, defended on March 2013, thoroughly explored sustainability in urban areas. Additionally, Fabricio has also studied the tangible and intangible values of the real estate market, BIM (Building Information Modeling), urban agriculture and project management. In addition to his urban agriculture studies, Fabricio is conducting research alongside Wellington City Council to determine the potential of urban agriculture in the greater Wellington area.


Fabricio has extensive professional experience, ranging from a project manager for small commerical strip-malls to large scale residential, office building and shopping malls. In addition to this, Fabricio has led large multidisciplinary teams.


Teaching in 2019