Emina Petrovic

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Postgraduate Programmes Director School of Architecture


PhD (Vic), MArch (Vic), dipl.ing.arh (Belgrade)


My research focusses on sustainable building materials through examination of their conceptual and practical roles. The particular area of my expertise in the impacts building materials can have on human health in indoor environments. In my research, I emphasise the importance of informed building material selection for both the built and natural environment, calling for a more detailed consideration of building materials for the totality of their implications (from ecosystem health to ethics of production), asserting the important interrelatedness of these issues.

My other research interests include popular perception of sustainability and history of the 1960s and 1970s interdisciplinary studies of the built environment.

Professional Roles

Editor of the Journal of Green Building

Selected Publications

Books and edited conference proceedings

Petrović, E.K., Vale B., and Pedersen Zari M. 2017. Materials for a Healthy, Ecological and Sustainable Built Environment: principles for evaluation, Woodhead Publishing, Duxford, UK; Cambridge, MA; Kidlington, UK. 448 pp. (authored 112 pp.).

Gjerde M., and Petrović E, eds. 2014. UHPH_14: Landscapes and ecologies of urban and planning history, Proceedings of the 12th conference of the Australasian Urban History / Planning History Group (Wellington, 2014).

Other research papers

Petrović E.K., Vale B, and Wilson M. 2016. ‘Vinyl and linoleum flooring: health issues as perceived by lay people and architects.’ Journal of Green Building, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 159-177.

Petrović E., and Perkins N. 2016. ‘Materials in furniture design: towards a new conceptual framework.’ ii International Journal of Interior Architecture + Spatial Design Vol.4.

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Petrović E, and Vale B. 2014. ‘The Importance of Educating the General Population on Health Risks Associated with Vinyl and Linoleum.’ Conference Proceedings for Building a Better New Zealand (Auckland 2014).

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