Carles Martinez-Almoyna

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Lecturer - School of Architecture

Research interests

Participatory processes, participatory design, practice-based research, place making, use of public space, cultural landscapes, fire management, climate change, ecosystem services, plant phenology.


M.Arch, UPC (Barcelona, Spain)
M.Larch, UPC (Barcelona, Spain)

Current research projects

I am interested in research that finds links between practice and academia. During time in New Zealand, I have focused my research around how to engage with different communities to produce socially useful knowledge.

I explore partnerships with communities and local governments, developing practice-based research at the university. Following action research methodologies and using participatory processes, I foster change in the physical environment by implementing small scale/temporary projects. I am particularly interested in analysing the impact of those interventions in order to gather knowledge that could be applied to future projects.

I am currently developing research around how to assess the use of a flexible space of the Tory street temporary project (LAND321/ Victoria University of Wellington and Wellington City Council, 2018). The focus of this research is to assess how activities were developed as conditioned by time factors, environmental conditions, spatial components and types of users.