Antony Pelosi

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Programme Director - Interiors School of Architecture


Teaching in 2019

Dr Pelosi is a general specialist who has an impressive ability to identify critical issues and represent a positive change through a holistic sustainable design led approach. His passion is designing in a manner aimed at improving the wellbeing of how people live, by investigating innovative techniques and methods of designing. He is a director of AMPD research lab, advanced manufacture and prototyping for design. His design-led research practice draws on multiple information systems and design processes significant to interior architecture, architecture, and improving construction quality.

Research interests

Antony’s research spans the fields of Architectural Design Tools, Housing, Learning Spaces, Workplace Design, Innovative Construction, and Systems Thinking.


PhD, RMIT University

B.Arch, Victoria University of Wellington

BBSc, Victoria University of Wellington

Selected publications

Pelosi, A. (2017). WHERE AM I? Spatial Cognition Inside Building Information Models. In P. Janssen, P. Loh, A. Raonic, & M. A. Schnabel (Eds.), CAADRIA 2017 (pp. 643-652). Xian Jiaotong Liverpool Univ, Dept Architecture, Suzhou, PEOPLES R CHINA: CAADRIA-ASSOC.

Clark-Reynolds, M., & Pelosi, A. (2016). When did disruption become a good thing? Emerging Business Models in the Construction Industry. BRANZ.

Moaut, N., Kapica, N., Gibbs, K., Herbert, K., Pelosi, A., Moaut, N., & Kapica, N. (2015). Te Whare Pūkākā [Design].

Pelosi, A. (2015). Distance: a framework for improving spatial cognition within digital architectural models. (PhD Thesis).

Pelosi, A. (2013). Model Command: Spatial comprehension of 3D digital environments.. In R. Stouffs, P. Janssen, S. Roudavski, & B. Tuncer (Eds.), CAADRIA Open Systems. Singapore.

Holloway-Smith, B., Pelosi, A., & Graham, N. (2012). Whisper Down The Lane (No. Of Pieces: 12) [Exhibition]. City Gallery Wellington, New Zealand: City Gallery Wellington, New Zealand.

Griffiths, L., Lamb, S., & Pelosi, A. (2017, November 29). A Virtual Reality Experiment to Investigate Optimum High‐Density Apartment Parameters. In M. Schnabel (Ed.), Back to the Future: The Next 50 Years (pp. 197-206). Victoria University of Wellington: The Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA).


Teaching in 2019