New funding grants for ARC

Ice Sheet and sea level

Professor Tim Naish and a team of leading scientists from NIWA, GNS Science and Otago University recently received a $7.1m grant for the NZ SeaRise Programme from Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Over the next five years, the team will try to create accurate estimates of the magnitude and rate of sea level rise for our coastal regions to the end of the century and beyond. The study would take into account the unique factors of vertical land movements related to ongoing natural ground subsidence.

"One of the key things for New Zealand is, sea-level rise will be different depending on where you are," said Professor Tim Naish.

ARC’s Director Associate Professor Andrew Mackintosh has been awarded a Marsden Fund Grant – one of the 17 ground-breaking Victoria projects. Andrew’s research ‘Did a previous collapse of the Antarctic Ice Sheet cause abrupt climate change in the Southern Hemisphere? will receive $960,000 of funding over three years.

The Marsden Fund, which is administered by Royal Society Te Apārangi on behalf of the government and supports New Zealand’s best investigator-led research in the areas of science, engineering, maths, social sciences and the humanities.