ARC PhD student receives exciting scholarship

Victoria University of Wellington PhD student Florence Isaacs was announced today as the recipient of an Antarctica New Zealand scholarship.

PhD student Florence Isaacs

The scholarship is available to Master’s or PhD students whose research focuses on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Antarctica New Zealand organises field research in Antarctica for the recipients, as well as providing them with a stipend to contribute toward their study costs for two years.

Florence, who is completing her studies in the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University of Wellington, says the scholarship will give her opportunities to go to Antarctic conferences and science summer schools, as well as travel to Antarctica.

“I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship with Antarctic research,” Florence says. “It’s incredibly exciting to be given the opportunity to achieve one of my lifelong dreams.”

For the fieldwork section of her scholarship, Florence will travel to Antarctica with NIWA scientist Natalie Robinson to study how sea ice in McMurdo Sound interacts with the upper ocean.

“Being able to experience this unique environment up close and personal will give me a greater understanding of processes I’m currently only experiencing through data sets,” she says.

Florence is one of three candidates to receive the scholarship this year.