Abhijith UV

Head and shoulders shot of PhD student Abhijith UV


Phone: 04 463 5233 x 6477
Email: abhijith.uv@vuw.ac.nz
Office: CO 524


BSc(Hons) University of Delhi (2013); MSc IIT Bhubaneswar (2015)

PhD Candidate in Ice Core Climatology

PhD thesis

Working title

Glacial Antarctic Warm Events as captured by the RICE Ice Core



U.V., A., and Singh R.K., (2015). Assessment of Late Quaternary variation in Asian Monsoon using foraminifera from the sediments of the IODP site U1429A. National Climate Science Conference, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 2-3 July 2015.

Singh, R.K., Das, M., UV, A., Barik, S.S., Kanjilal, A., (2014). Pleistocene Planktic Foraminifera proxy – a tool to understand Asian monsoon variations: Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability. Geological Records from Poles to Tropics, Lucknow University, Lucknow, India, 9-10 September 2014.