Supporting residents

Support staff at Victoria University of Wellington work hard to provide pastoral care excellence for its resident student community.

Victoria University of Wellington has taken a leading role in the development and provision of pastoral care excellence for its resident student community.

A dedicated team of support staff works together to achieve the University's pastoral care objectives.

They work collaboratively to help residents manage the challenges of navigating academia while living in a hall community.

Support staff roles

How we can help

The best way for each hall to ensure residents are safe and flourish in an academic environment is for them to know about any special needs their incoming residents may have.

Residents can disclose any health or wellbeing needs when completing the online accommodation application, or when they confirm their offer of accommodation, through each hall's room allocation survey.

These avenues of disclosure allow residents to communicate to their hall any concerns they may have, which in turn facilitates the development of a pastoral care plan tailored to their individual needs.


If you have any questions or concerns about coming into a hall environment, you are welcome to contact our support team or Heads of Hall directly.