Hall Profiles

Our halls offer a variety of accommodation styles to meet an array of needs. For more information about each hall, check out their profiles. To assist with your decision-making, check out the comparison charts and the map below:

2018 Catered Hall Comparison Chart [PDF, 284KB]
2018 Self-Catered Hall Comparison Chart [PDF, 69KB]
Map of Hall Locations [PDF, 174KB]

Please bear in mind that:

  • Most halls are within walking distance of the three city Victoria campuses.
  • Residents are responsible for cleaning their own bedrooms, studios and flats, as well as cleaning up after themselves in communal spaces. Communal areas are maintained by contract cleaners.
  • They allow calling cards for national, international and cell phone calls.
  • All halls are smoke-free. In some cases, smoking is also not permitted in surrounding grounds.
  • They provide alcohol-free and single-sex areas according to demand.
  • Our halls have very limited or no parking facilities available.