Market research

The findings of the latest market research into the performance of our name offshore are extremely sobering.

They provide further clear evidence that the commonly-used abbreviations of our name are making it very difficult for us to further enhance our international identity and reputation.

A few of the high level results show that:

  • Only 4 percent of international students, 2 percent of their influencers and 12 percent of overseas university staff say ‘Victoria University is based in New Zealand’.
  • The results are even grimmer in major markets with 0 percent of Chinese students, 1 percent of Indian students and 1 percent of Australian students surveyed saying ‘Victoria University is based in New Zealand’.
  • In contrast, when the University’s name is abbreviated to the ‘University of Wellington’, a strong association with New Zealand is observed, with 38 percent of students, 52 percent of influencers and 77 percent of university staff saying the University of Wellington is based in New Zealand.

These results align with prior research we have done, such as the finding that there is a very low click-through-rate to our website when people search ‘Victoria University’ from overseas.

The findings of the latest market research are available here: