University of Wellington—the opportunity

Below is a summary of the opportunity created by the move to University of Wellington*.

*The University is currently awaiting ministerial approval for a name change.

In New Zealand, the change to University of Wellington*:

  • Emphasises ‘Wellington’ – the name we share with our city and region
  • Creates an enduring sense of partnership and engagement with Wellington (we are a global-civic university)
  • Enhances our role as New Zealand’s globally ranked capital city university (our point of difference)
  • Allows the achievements of the University to build the reputation of the city and vice versa
  • Contributes to a vibrant and successful Wellington that offers an outstanding enhanced student experience—this is critical to the University’s future.

Internationally, the change to University of Wellington*:

  • Gives us an authentic and distinctive name that needs no further explanation in the over 100 countries in which our students and graduates live and work
  • Helps us build our global reputation through having a distinctive name
  • Enhances our ability to forge high quality international partnerships, recruit world-leading staff, grow the number of international students, and more effectively compete for international research funding as a result of a stronger global reputation
  • Makes our brand stronger, enhancing our ability to compete against the international elite university brands (and their new models of delivery).

Find out more by reading the full recommendation paper, including the Vice-Chancellor’s executive summary.