Support for simplification

There is strong support for the name simplification from a range of areas.

Wellington’s Mayor Justin Lester says simplifying the University’s name is the right direction for both the University and the capital city.

“I wholeheartedly support a future-focused name—such as the University of Wellington.

“For me, this is about national and international recognition, a greater sense of connection to our capital city of Wellington, and a focus on addressing our future rather than reflecting our past.”

The Victoria University Foundation is also backing the proposal.

“I wholeheartedly support simplifying the University’s name,” says Chair Craig Stevens. “We need something direct that reflects our capital city status and which distinguishes us from all the other ‘Victorias’ in the world. People have talked about simplifying the name at various points during our history—it’s time for us to finally get on and do this.”

The Victoria University of Wellington Students Association executive supports a name change and is helping to facilitate discussions about it with current students.

Keeping ‘Victoria’ alive

Vice-Chancellor Professor Grant Guilford says if the name simplification were to go ahead, a key focus would be ensuring the heritage of the name Victoria is protected and honoured.

“If we do decide to retire ‘Victoria’ from the name of the University there are a number of ways we could continue to use the word and respect all it means to us. For instance, retaining the word in publications, our physical facilities and some of our units such as clubs and halls of residence. We could potentially offer awards using the name and could consider regular symposia that bring alive this era and our connection to it across areas as diverse as literature, music, sociology, law, and politics, to name a few.”


Professor Guilford says any future name simplification would not affect the qualifications of past graduates of Victoria University.

“No matter what happens, graduation certificates from Victoria University of Wellington are official certificates and will remain so.”