What does the name change mean for alumni?

We understand that alumni may be concerned about what the recommended name change will mean for them.

If the name change is approved by the Minister of Education, the University as a legal entity will continue, its role in society is unchanged, and our proud legacy is not re-written.

Your qualification certificates will continue to be legally valid documents. You won’t need to replace them and you won’t need to alter your CV.

However, if the name change is approved, we will be happy to reissue your qualification certificates under the name University of Wellington if you wish us to do so.

Notably, very few alumni requested reissue of qualification certificates when our University first changed its name (after the disestablishment of the University of New Zealand). We have spoken to some of our alumni from that era and they have explained that they preferred to retain their original graduation certificate because of all it signifies—the milestone, the ceremony, the pride of family and friends.

If you wish to update your CV, you could include words such as ‘now the University of Wellington’ alongside the previous name of the institution. In 2011, the University adopted the abbreviation Well for citing qualifications to align with the conventions of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (for example, BA Well); this is unaffected by the recommended name change.

If approved by the Minister of Education, the name change will not formally take effect until January 2020. Before this occurs, all alumni for whom we have contact details will receive a formal letter from the University confirming the name change. If required, this letter would serve as a formal document that can be used by graduates alongside existing documentation to verify the change of name for the University.

If you need to check or update your address details, you can do it online.

Employers regularly contact the University to authenticate education details. If the new name comes into effect, we will verify your status as a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington or its predecessors, and confirm the institution is now called the University of Wellington.

Currently virtually all internet searches for the University of Wellington and Victoria University of Wellington are routed to our website. We would ensure this continues so employers can easily contact us for verification checks. Other contact details for the University will remain the same.

Graduates of Victoria University of Wellington will remain alumni of Victoria University of Wellington as well as becoming alumni of University of Wellington.