Setting New Zealand experiences in international context

Our internationalisation strategy focuses on bringing New Zealand perspectives to the world.

Victoria’s Internationalisation Strategy shares aspirations that are similar to those pursued by many of the world's best universities. We also intend to develop some themes that are more distinctive to Victoria—in particular, the objective of setting New Zealand’s unique blend of Māori, Pasifika and Pākehā experiences in a wider global context.

One of the ways in which we will seek to achieve this is by building on our commitment to foster a greater understanding of New Zealand’s place in the world and of its cultural uniqueness.

We will also take greater advantage of the University’s distinctive features, such as the Stout Research Centre—the only research centre in the world devoted exclusively to New Zealand studies.

The objective to internationalise Māori and Pasifika knowledge will also be met through the expansion of comparative indigenous studies, leading to unique Māori perspectives on international studies while simultaneously allowing researchers and students to set Māori experiences in an international context.

The University is also at the forefront of ensuring New Zealand perspectives are taken into account in regional and international forums. For example, the Centre for Strategic Studies: New Zealand is an independent national think-tank, based at Victoria and supported by New Zealand government agencies, with the task of sustaining levels of awareness and understanding within New Zealand about the external environment in which the nation must operate in the 21st century. The Centre also leads national engagement in regional Track 2 diplomacy through its role as the designated New Zealand member of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific (CSCAP).