Smart Green Victoria

Find out how Victoria University is working towards a Smart Green Victoria.

Victoria University is committed to being an environmentally responsible organisation. As well as leading climate change research and teaching, we are actively working towards reducing our environmental footprint with support from staff and students.

The facts

The University continues to display its commitment to environmental sustainability. In 2013 some highlights included:

Reduced carbon emissions

Overall the University’s environmental footprint improved in 2013—total carbon emissions reduced by 2.5%.

Lower electricity and gas consumption

The consumption of electricity and gas (two of the largest areas of environmental impact and operational cost) were significantly lower than 2012

Slower increase in air travel

The amount of air travel increased by 0.9% over 2012, but the rate of increase has slowed considerably from previous years.

Decrease of waste

Waste to landfill and paper consumption also decreased slightly compared to 2012

Reduced energy consumption

Energy consumption has reduced significantly in 2013, thanks in part to key energy efficiency projects.

The Hub

The new Hub building features some key sustainability initiatives. Most noticeably, it has recycling facilities throughout the space which will form the model for recycling facilities to be rolled out across the rest of the University.

Environmental projects

Victoria has built a very strong relationship with Wellington City Council through environmental projects.

Our Living City

Victoria is a key partner of the Our Living City project, which is a Council project to improve Wellington’s quality of life by strengthening urban-nature connections and building economic opportunities from a healthy environment.

Growing Graduates programme

Victoria has also partnered with the City on our Growing Graduates programme. Each year for at least five years Victoria staff and students will plant 2000 trees on town belt land in celebration of the graduating class.

Green Wall

The Council has also supplied funding for a Green Wall, which is an engineered system which has individual pockets for the plants with an in-built irrigation system. Again this supports the Council objectives of providing opportunities for people to connect with nature in an urban context.

Student energy audits

In 2013 a group of eight post-graduate building science students conducted energy audits of some our buildings which identified worthwhile opportunities for energy efficiency gains

Travel plan

Staff and students were surveyed with regard to their commuting patterns to gauge progress on the Travel Plan which promotes the use of sustainable transport to commute to University. It was found that since 2007 when the Travel Plan commenced the number of staff that drive to campus has dropped from 39% to 35% and the number of students that come by car has dropped from 14% to 10% over the same period.