Giving from the US

US Friends of Victoria University of Wellington is an independent US non-profit organization with tax exempt status.

It was established in 1995 to provide support for the work of the University using donations received from US residents and taxpayers.

The US Friends is a loyal group of alumni and other enthusiastic supporters who assist with maintaining contact with Victoria alumni based here in the United States and with fundraising for the University.

More than ever today, with changing funding models in New Zealand education, the successful future of Victoria and its students depends on investment raised independently of traditional sources. The US Friends recommends to all Victoria University alumni based in the US, the benefits of giving back to the institution that has served us so well.

Due to its status, US Friends can provide a tax exemption to donors based in the US for cash and other gifts.

Board of Directors

  • Erica McLean (President)
  • Dr Shivali Gulab (Treasurer)
  • Alexander Blades
  • Zach Beardman
  • Fleur Knowsley
  • Dominic Misiolo Sofe

Ways to give

Card payments

Donate online

Typically for single amounts up to $1000 and for recurring payments. US Friends accepts standard credit and debit cards.


If you wish to use your own Paypal account, use the “Send Money to Friends & Family” option quoting as the destination email address. Add a note of your name, postal address and email address so we can thank you and send you a formal tax receipt.


For amounts above $1000, we prefer that you send a wire or SWIFT payment or a check, due to the credit card fee deduction. Email for wire or SWIFT instructions.

Standing orders

Repeating monthly or other periodic payments can be set up via a regular standing order payment from your internet banking or by using bill pay. Email for further instructions.

Checks in US dollars

Make payable to US Friends of VUW and send to:

US Friends of Victoria University of Wellington Inc
Attn: Shivali Gulab, Treasurer
25-25 Astoria Blvd, Apt 2C
NY 11102

Remember to include your name, postal address and email address so we can thank you and send a formal tax receipt.

Non-cash donations

Appreciated stock

A gift of appreciated stock offers special advantages because generally the University will gain access to the fair market value at sale, without being subject to capital gains tax on the portion that has increased in value since purchase.

To achieve this you will instruct your broker to transfer stock to the account of the US Friends of Victoria University of Wellington Inc.

Use the contact details below to request instructions. The Board of Directors of US Friends has resolved that donations of stock will be sold at the discretion of the officers of the US Friends.


Gifts of property of all kinds offer special advantages because the portion of the fair market value that represents the gain since purchase is not generally subject to capital gains tax. Contact the US Friends by email to discuss further.

Gift matching

As an example, your US employer may operate a scheme where the company agrees to match your charitable donation to the US Friends as a 501(c)(3) exempt organization with a similar donation.

If this is available, in the first instance, please consult your employer’s Human Resources department for instructions.

Planned giving

Types of instruments used in planned giving include:

  • Bequests (Legacies)
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Deferred Gift Annuities

Planned gifts and bequests offer the donor income and tax advantages and may make possible a much larger gift for the benefit of the University, or an aspect of the University’s work that you especially wish to support.

We recommend you consult your professional advisers, accountants or attorneys for this type of donation.