A gift in your will

A gift made in your will can extend your support for Victoria University well beyond your lifetime.

Once you have made provision for your loved ones, a gift in your will can be the perfect way to make a difference, without impacting on your current financial needs.

All gifts, whether modest or more significant, are valued highly. Victoria has been fortunate to receive bequests from alumni, former staff members and members of the wider community. All recognise the contribution the University makes to Wellington’s and New Zealand’s educational, economic and social wellbeing.

Information about leaving a gift in your will to Victoria University is available in our brochure The Gift of Knowledge.

We strongly recommend you consult a legal adviser when making provision for a gift to Victoria in a new will, or adding a codicil to an existing will. We can provide suggested wording for you and your legal adviser to use.

To discuss your options

Our Development Manager, Bequests and Senior Stewardship Rosalene Fogel can discuss with you the best way to set up your gift intentions to achieve your wishes.

Ros is available to meet you to talk through the options that best suit, or you can phone her on 0800 842 534 for a chat in complete confidence.