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A group of dedicated regional ambassadors and local coordinators are working to grow connections for Victoria graduates around the globe.

These alumni leaders are helping Victoria to maintain networks internationally—giving you opportunities to stay connected and involved in University life long after the celebration of graduation has past.

If you want to introduce yourself to a Victoria contact in your current home town or the new city/country you’re moving to, find their contact details and links to relevant networks below.



Regional Ambassador—Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson is an experienced board member and executive leader with three decades of strategic, financial and corporate governance experience in Australia, France and the US. Sarah holds a BA and BCA from Victoria, and an MBA from University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business. She is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Australian Marketing Institute, Women on Boards, the Australian Fulbright Alumni Association and the University of Chicago Alumni Association (Founder and former Chair, Perth Branch).



Dr Christian Probst, Germany Regional Ambassador

Regional Ambassador—Dr Christian Probst

Dr Christian Probst is an experienced attorney and arbitrator based at his own boutique law firm in Berlin. He works across Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the USA. Christian is Victoria University’s inaugral Regional Ambassador in Germany.

Hong Kong

Jeremy Cheng, Hong Kong Local Contact

Jeremy Cheng

International Master of Business Administration graduate, Jeremy Cheng, has long been the first port of call for Victoria alumni in Hong Kong. Jeremy is a member of the Executive Committee of Victoria International MBA Alumni Association of Hong Kong. We recommend new graduates, business graduates or anyone with a general enquiry about alumni activities in Hong Kong get in touch with Jeremy.

Rob Kaiwai, Hong Kong Regional Ambassador

Regional Ambassador—Rob Kaiwai

Experienced diplomat and now businessman, Rob Kaiwai, is Victoria University’s inaugural Regional Ambassador in Hong Kong. Regional Ambassadors support Victoria University's strategic international objectives, which includes helping the University to maintain and develop its international networks. We recommend experienced graduates get in touch with Rob.


The New Zealand government has launched an alumni network in Japan for people who’ve studied in New Zealand. The New Zealand Alumni Club of Japan (NZACJ) connects former Japanese students of New Zealand, as well as New Zealanders currently living in Japan.


Lukas Beech, Korea Local Contact

Lukas Beech

Arts alumnus Lukas Beech is the Victoria University contact in Korea. Based in Seoul, Lukas is well connected into Kiwi-Korean networks, having sat on the board of The New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea (The Kiwi Chamber) for several years.


Dr Leo Ann Mean

Regional Ambassador—Dr Ann Mean Leo

Dr Leo Ann Mean studied at Victoria University of Wellington on a Colombo Plan Scholarship from 1969 till 1973, graduating with a BA in Geography. Subsequently he studied at Massey University and Christchurch Teachers College. While at Victoria he was a member of the fencing team and participated in several winter tournaments. On his return to Malaysia he became a teacher, curriculum officer, training specialist and retired as an associate professor of education at the University of Malaya. Leo hails from Malacca and currently lives in Kuala Lumpur.

Papua New Guinea

Robyn Tom-Ata


Ricky Mendoza

Ricky Mendoza

A graduate of Victoria’s Master in Public Policy, Ricky Mendoza is the key Victoria contact in the Philippines. Based in Manila, Ricky has worked in various roles for government since 1992.


Sina Ah Sam


David Tan, Singapore Regional Ambassador

Regional Ambassador—David Tan

Businessman David Tan is Victoria University’s Regional Ambassador in Singapore. He has long volunteered his time and energy to developing connections among Victoria University alumni in Singapore and Malaysia. David completed his undergraduate degree at Victoria University of Wellington and postgraduate studies at Massey University. While at student at Victoria he was President of the Wellington Malaysia Singapore Students Association from 1973 to 1976.

United States of America

San Francisco

Fleur Knowsley, San Francisco Regional Ambassador

Regional Ambassador—Fleur Knowsley
Email: Contact Fleur by emailing

Fleur Knowsley is a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration graduate of Victoria University of Wellington, and former Weir House resident. Now corporate counsel at Google Fiber in San Francisco, Fleur first moved to the US in 2007, initially to New York. Fleur is Victoria University’s inaugural Regional Ambassador in San Francisco. Regional Ambassadors support Victoria University's strategic international objectives, which includes helping the University to maintain and develop its international networks.

New York

Halvar Trohdahl

Regional Ambassador—Halvar Trodahl
Email: Contact Halvar by emailing

Halvar Trodahl is a BSc (Hons) and BCA graduate of Victoria University of Wellington. Following his studies in Wellington, he moved to the United States in 2005 to pursue a PhD in Physics at Harvard University. After completing his graduate studies, he joined global consulting firm McKinsey & Company as a consultant and is now Manager of Global Recruiting Strategy and Operations.


Ho Chi Minh City

Thu Trang Lan