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The Colenso Project

The Colenso Society, Victoria University of Wellington and Hawke's Bay Museum, Theatre, Gallery are partners in the Colenso Project. This exciting new initiative seeks to build on the blossoming national and international interest in William Colenso's life and ideas as the result of the William Colenso Bicentenary Celebrations in Hawke’s Bay in 2011, and a body of new publications and research.

The intent of the Project is to ignite public and academic interest in Colenso's words – published, unpublished, private letters, journals - both in Māori and English, by sharing them with the world in digital form. We envisage a hub for all things Colenso: a place to read documents in the original, explore his writing through transcriptions, and as a place to experiment with new research and interpretation methods.

The Colenso Project team includes Eloise Taylor and Pam Joyce (HBMTB), Dr Ian St George (The Colenso Society), Dr Sydney Shep, Frith Driver-Burgess, Rhys Owen, Charlotte Darling and Meredith Paterson. Previous team members included Melissa Bryant, Emma Chapman, Donelle McKinley and Jamie Norrish (Victoria).

Find out more about recent Victoria- and Marsden-funded research at William Colenso and the Victorian Republic of Letters.