Wai-te-Ata Press

Postgraduate Research

PhD research projects currently co-supervised by The Printer include:

Dr Susann Liebich recently completed her PhD study on Connective Readers: Reading Practices and Communities Across the British Empire, c.1890-1930. Dr Caroline Campbell completed her PhD study on representation and identity in Australasian illustrated junior fiction 1890-1920. Dr Ros Johnston completed a history of colour printing in New Zealand 1830-1914, focusing in particular on the firm of A D Willis of Whanganui.

From 2004-2006, Dr Kevin Molloy held a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in NZ Print Culture, examining Irish reading communities in Australia and New Zealand in the nineteenth century. He is currently writing a book on the subject and has presented conference papers and published internationally.

Past Master's research projects include wood type in New Zealand, the history of the book jacket in NZ, an annotated bibliography of the Wellington printer Lyon & Blair, the book as companion in the lives of colonial NZ women, NZ scientific networks in the nineteenth century, NZ troopship magazines in WWI, cookery books and food habits in twentieth-century NZ, illustration and national identity in the fantasy genre, the representation of the Irish in books available to NZ children to 1930, and task interface requirements for the New Zealand Reading Experience Database.