Wai-te-Ata Press

Postgraduate Research


Summer Scholarship Research

Master's research

Past Master's research projects include:

  • Wood type in New Zealand
  • The history of the book jacket in NZ
  • An annotated bibliography of the Wellington printer Lyon & Blair
  • The book as companion in the lives of colonial NZ women
  • NZ scientific networks in the nineteenth century
  • NZ troopship magazines in WWI
  • Cookery books and food habits in twentieth-century NZ
  • Illustration and national identity in the fantasy genre
  • The representation of the Irish in books available to NZ children to 1930
  • Task interface requirements for the New Zealand Reading Experience Database. 

PhD research

PhD research projects currently co-supervised by The Printer include:


  • Dr Susann Liebich: Connective Readers: Reading Practices and Communities Across the British Empire, c.1890-1930.
  • Dr Caroline Campbell: Representation and identity in Australasian illustrated junior fiction 1890-1920.
  • Dr Ros Johnston: A history of colour printing in New Zealand 1830-1914, focusing in particular on the firm of A D Willis of Whanganui. 

Postdoctoral research

  • Dr Kevin Molloy, Post-Doctoral Fellowship in NZ Print Culture (2004-2006): Examined Irish reading communities in Australia and New Zealand in the nineteenth century.