Wai-te-Ata Press

Digital History Workshop

23-24 March 2012

Room 103, Alan MacDiarmid Building

Gate 6/7, Kelburn Parade, Victoria University of Wellington


Digital history investigates and represents the past by applying computer-based methods to extract and analyse data from digitised and born digital resources, and by publishing, in a networked environment, interpretations that address historical problems. Text mining, network analysis, data visualisation, rich prospect browsing, and topic mapping are but a few of its tools and techniques. But as Willard McCarty remarked in 1991, “a new tool is not just a bigger lever and a more secure fulcrum, rather a new way of conceptualising the world.” Today, that world is the semantic web, a vast network of nodes and links where relationships between objects are identified and expressed, and where the possibility of connecting hitherto disparate pieces of information enables the creation of new knowledge.

This inaugural invitation-only Digital History Workshop, sponsored by the Marsden Fund and Wai-te-ata Press, provides a space to share new frameworks for, approaches to, and methods of historical research. It brings together seasoned practitioners, cultural heritage specialists, information managers, keen students, and emergent digital historians to talk about challenges and opportunities for the twenty-first century and beyond. You are encouraged to participate fully, bring your projects and puzzles to the table, and take away new ways of looking and knowing. Workshop programme is available now.

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